Sales Department

Sales Department

Bob Arnold
 Vice President / Title Clerk

 Joey Keenan
 Sales Associate

I first joined the Cooper Corvettes team in September 2005.  When I first started I was tasked with the lot attendant duties, It was my job to keep our Corvettes clean and ready to roll.  My position gave me a lot of time to build hands on experience on virtually every model Corvette.  In September of 2006, only a year after being hired, I bought my first Corvette, a red 1988 coupe. I drove that 88 to Boston and Tampa within the first 12 months…. IT WAS AWESOME!!


Beginning around 2010, I began to participate more in the sales department but still performed lot duties.  In November of 2011, I officially became licensed to sell vehicles for Cooper Corvettes.  Since 2011, I have been in charge of posting our vehicles on our various websites, I do all the pictures of our inventory, and my favorite part of the job, I get to talk to people about Corvettes all day. 


If you have been thinking about purchasing your first Corvette, or you want to add another to the list, I would be happy to help you make it happen.